Prosperity Party New Zealand

A political party that will do what's right for New Zealand and New Zealanders

We hope you are all staying safe New Zealand. And to those dealing with the recent events in the Kumeu and Taupaki region, you are legends! We have several members in the area, and we are amazed at the awesome coming together of community and the desire to help others. Humunity always outweighs adversity! Prosperity comes from a unified approach to the wellbeing of our neighbours and fellow citizens.


Underlying principles:

Preservation, Innovation, Transparency, Accountability & Equality



‘Prosperity Party NZ’ has a comprehensive manifesto outlining a range of policies, but we believe the following policies will make the biggest difference in the lives of New Zealanders going into the 2020 election. We will therefore focus primarily on the following:


Work and Income – Break into two entities – Work NZ and Income NZ. Part of holistic support plan for people. Every person to be engaged in something productive such as paid work, voluntary work, community service, caregiving, study or training.

Immigration – Cap numbers at rate of new builds. Admit those who fulfil a need or for reunification.

Business – Have a forum for new business ideas with opportunity for investment and support. Take stock of what businesses we have to minimise over supply of businesses, and to maximise businesses growth and establishment in areas of need

Housing – Build smaller, sturdy buildings, utilising the unemployed as a training platform.

Work with council and simplify the resource consent process, whilst also creating competition in who can provide consents. Have a set of plans pre-approved.

Imports – Restrict items of low quality or that we produce locally from entering the country. Have a register of items produced nationally for businesses to access, rather than sourcing overseas

NZ Made – Have a 5 star system on products. 5 star equals 100% of sale stays in NZ, 4 star equals 80%, 3 star 60% 2 star 40% 1 star 20% and no star 0% of sale stays in NZ

Tourism – All tourist activities GST free for New Zealanders

Night classes – Bring back night local classes to support community integration, learning and skill development

Community Hubs – Have a one-stop community based shop for government services


Strong zero tolerance campaign and education – Expose the horrors that occur for some children, and start prioritising the eradication of abuse in all forms. See it for what it is, a horrific blight on our country. Start educating, publicising and campaigning on the unacceptable numbers of children who suffer from abuse, neglect and worse still, death. Support adults and children on how to recognise it and report it

Oranga Tamariki – Undertake a full and thorough review of the service. Establish a second service that takes a Kaupapa Maori approach to abuse and neglect. Equal funding, and neither service to be exclusive for specific nationalities but open to anyone. For both services to provide holistic support including counselling, budgeting, and parenting programmes etc

Plunket – Fully fund and resource Plunket to ensure every child (and parent) receives support, and the child has the best start in life. Ongoing support, education and monitoring, particularly for those at risk.

Safe & Respite Houses – Have houses within communities that children can access to ensure safety or to report abuse and/or neglect. Respite houses for immediate placement.


‘Prosperity Party NZ’ would establish an ‘Adult Protection Office’ that provides the following:

• Takes reports of alleged abuse and/or neglect of an adult

• Provides advocacy, guardianship and Property management for adults at risk

• Processing, training and oversight of ‘Protection of Personal & Property Rights Act 1988’ applications, Appointees and Orders


‘Prosperity Party NZ’ would fully fund and support the SPCA and MPI to enable them to prosecute, remove and expose abuse and neglect of animals. Along with a strong education programme on recognising and reporting abuse and/or neglect of animals

We would create legislation that ensures that:

• All animals are de-sexed, unless owned by a registered breeder

• Breeders are all registered, monitored and regulated

• There is a reduction in the amount of animals that are euthanized unnecessarily

• Courts are able to provide harsh sentences to those who commit acts of cruelty

• Police, SPCA and MPI can instantly fine cases of low level abuse or neglect

• Before a person purchases any animal they must be able to demonstrate a level of understanding and competency around the care required along with the facilities needed

‘Prosperity Party NZ’ releases Economic Recovery Policy

New Zealand is, and has been, enduring a situation which we have not encountered in living memory. The Covid-19 virus has left a deep and indelible effect on New Zealand and New Zealanders, and one that we will be feeling the effects of for some considerable time. Overall, we have coped. Now we must recover, not just to restore but to improve our way of life.

We are excited to release our vision on how New Zealand and New Zealanders can become prosperous and unify us a nation in our rebuild. This policy has been deliberately formed ensuring we have the right plan that New Zealanders can see benefits from, to reestablish and enhance our standard of living.

We have been dismayed at other political parties politicizing these recent events and campaigning on the plight of so many. ‘Prosperity Party NZ’ chose not to make campaign statements, rather offer encouragement and comment. Now, as we focus on the light at the end of the tunnel, it is time to re-evaluate and strategize a way forward.

From our comprehensive manifesto, ‘Prosperity Party NZ’ has three major policies that we see as vital to our future transition out of Covid and into a new reality of life in Aotearoa. Our Economic Recovery policy, (the first policy to be released) will provide the opportunity to re-calibrate and ensure prosperity for all. Along with this, our four underlying principles speak to who we are, what we believe in and how we can move forward in a new world. ‘Prosperity Party NZ’ will protect and grow New Zealand with our Economic Recovery package which will ensure: the growth of business, protection of our environment, promote personal accountability, encourage innovation, and ensure a fair deal for all. 

Prosperity Party Leader Helen Peterson says “for too long the pursuit for growth has come at the expense of everyday New Zealanders”. “We must take a more strategic and common sense approach to the lives of New Zealanders, we have sold off, exported, and allowed our country to be exploited for too long” “It’s time to harness the enormous talent and bounty this country has to offer and ensure Prosperity is shared to all New Zealanders”. ‘Preservation, Innovation, Transparency and Accountability’ will be what successfully sees us through this time of global transformation. 

Head to our News and Policy pages for more details.


Prosperity NZ was born out of a frustration felt by many New Zealanders who have grown tired of watching numerous governments and political parties create and implement policies that have had a detrimental effect on New Zealanders, and New Zealand.

We believe it is a privilege to live in our fabulous country of New Zealand. Our policies are aimed towards the desire to make our country a better place for all New Zealanders. Look around our website, and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

Isn't it time to recapture those things that made this country great, and the best place to live? If you think you have the desire, skills, and inclination to make a difference, we welcome those with knowledge and expertise across the broad spectrum of today's issues and is willing to contribute to the development of our policies.   


Valuing citizenship, recognising individuals and seeing New Zealand as a bi-cultural and multi ethnic country.


We believe in an economy based on a diverse portfolio, supporting innovation and protecting our assets and resources.


Our natural beauty and bounty has to be protected and preserved for everyone to enjoy. It is vital to our future survival, as well as our daily playground.