Prosperity Party New Zealand

A political party that will do what's right for New Zealand and New Zealanders

‘Prosperity Party NZ’ evolved out of frustration and concern for the way in which wealth, resources and the needs of New Zealand citizens were being managed. The erosion of our clean green image, the sale of valuable assets to overseas entities, mass immigration that has caused enormous infrastructure issues, and the lack of attention on the abuse of our children are just some of the concerns felt by the founding members. We believe all New Zealanders deserve to experience prosperity. Policies implemented by past and present governments, have not enabled citizens to prosper, neither have they enabled people to feel safe. We believe that actions come with consequences, rights come with responsibilities and people should be supported with a hand up not a handout.

Fundamental Principles

1. To preserve and protect our assets and resources

2. To nurture and support innovation and enterprise that ensures the economy can flourish on the back of a diverse portfolio that is future focused, and never detrimental to the environment.

3. To recognise and understand that it is in our best interests to support and retain New Zealand’s unique cultural and historical lifestyle. Whilst also ensuring all New Zealanders enjoy equality, and respect their obligations as citizens, regardless of their country of origin.

4. That all New Zealanders should have their needs adequately met in terms of ill health or disability, whilst also acknowledging personal responsibility for health considerations.

5. To put in place protections and sufficient resourcing to keep every New Zealander safe, and where breaches to law and order occur, for there to be appropriate and effective reparation and consequence.

6. That all our borders and ports of entry must be sufficiently resourced and manned to eliminate the influx of drugs, weapons and personnel that have the potential to be detrimental to the New Zealand lifestyle, our livelihood and our national safety.

7. That those individuals, parties and organisations who work for, and on behalf of New Zealanders must be open and accountable in their actions and activities.

8. That every New Zealander must have a home, is supported to be a productive citizen and have all their basic needs met.